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BrizBrain & Spine Clinic

BrizBrain & Spine was established in 2005 to provide the most advanced and modern treatment of conditions of the brain and spine. Like-minded neurosurgeons came together to support each other and combined their knowledge to optimise treatment and advance research to provide new and enhanced treatments in the future. TrafficHub was engaged to combine three existing legacy systems into a new single & easy to use custom CRM platform enabling seamless integration of patient/hospital billing, post-operative auditing/reporting & long-term patient outcome surveys/studies. CRM features include: user management, user authentication, page security roles, patient management, admission management, operation management, procedure management, complication management, practice management, position management, hospital management, billing management, full outcome study interface with ability to create surveys via GUI, email scheduling, email template management, extensive multi-level reporting.

ClientBrizBrain & Spine ClinicServicesOperative Auditing & Reporting System, Surgical Outcome Survey and Customer Billing

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