Regardless of the size of business you have, leveraging social media platforms turns out to be a crucial element of your company’s digital marketing campaign. This is because social media has provided an affordable yet highly effective means of reaching out to a strategically targeted audience.

Your business can massively improve on the sales front when your marketing strategies are designed in a way to necessarily make the most out of social media. However, the best thing about utilizing social media platforms for marketing purposes is that you can ensure the powerful branding of your company. People can begin to differentiate your brand when you have decent engagement on these platforms and it gets easy to sell relevant products and services.

This article showcases ways to enhance your social media presence in a way that your audience can be targeted with the least possible investment.

Go SMART with your goals

Setting resolutions is where any marketing campaign begins from as you get a clear idea of what needs to be achieved. You not only need to be realistic with your social media aims but also consider factors like how relevant these goals are. Also, coming up with measurable goals can let you maintain a gradual progress record and make any necessary changes within time.

Here, smart is not just a term but an abbreviation that includes various factors for you to focus on improving goals. This is how it can be broken down:

Specific: Your goal should precisely chalk out what it is focusing on so that there aren’t any shadowed aspects of your social media marketing strategy.

Measurable: Decided goals should be easily assessable with various tools in a way that you can comment on how much you have achieved.

Achievable: The social media goals you have set up need to be realistic enough. Setting achievable goals will prevent you from any hassle or disappointment that inevitably comes when your goals don’t go hand in hand with the available resources.

Relevant: You also need to consider how much these goals will benefit your organization. There’s no point investing in goals that won’t provide you with any substantial profits. The relevancy of your goals not only determines upcoming gains but also impacts how long will these profits stay.

Time-bound: Including a time limit will come handy when you need the motivation to work on your pre-decided goals. Knowing that you have a fixed 60 days of time to increase your reach by 50% will let you come up with methods that prioritize this deadline.

Build relationships instead of follower count

The sheer number of followers you’ve maintained on your social media handles would be of no use when you don’t get any engagement from them. Having active followers is what matters as these will be your potential customers. Now, you can only set up a loyal fan base when you have been proactive about regular communication with them. This includes every way in which you personally connect with your audience, be it comment threads or personal conversations.

Pay heed to be active while replying to questions asked in various comment sections of your social media posts. This way, your audience can essentially know that your brand tends to care about these personalized queries. Always prefer tagging the user profile while mentioning someone so that they can understand about being addressed.

Assess the demands of your audience

Knowing what your targeted audience is particularly interested in will help you come up with the most resourceful content and offerings for them. You shouldn’t be random when it comes to curating content for your social media handles; be user-oriented and witness the engagement hike yourself. You can easily use several polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions to know what your audience is inclined towards.

Considering all the gathered data becomes vital when you want to understand the user behavior of your audience. This will not only let you manage your product listings more effectively but also elevate the chances of your potential customers converting into buyers.

Enlist your social media handles on website

You can send traffic to your social media webpages by including their links in your company’s site. It shouldn’t be skipped when you want to showcase your overall social media presence and let customers connect with you over these channels. As your website begins getting abundant traffic count, it’s evident that some of these will be curious to check out your social media accounts.

You should also focus on cross-platform marketing so that your Instagram followers can be turned into your active Twitter followers. Your aim should be to unify the fanbase of your individual social media handles in a way that your audience remains maximum connected to your brand.

Use hashtags smartly

Hashtags can pave the path to a massive reach when incorporated in a rational manner. Extensive research becomes imperative so as to decide the set of hashtags that are going to be the most beneficial. You need to look into highly popular hashtags in your niche along with those that have moderate traffic. A suitable combination of these hashtags will let you skyrocket your social media reach.

However, ensure not stuffing irrelevant hashtags because that can reflect that you’re just beating around the bush. A reliable SEO company will let you maintain relevancy throughout the use of hashtags in your social media posts. This will organically promote your posts to those who aren’t in your follower list but usually interact with posts containing similar hashtags.

Be careful when outsourcing

While it’s best to handle your social media accounts on your own, time restrictions can limit your dedication. This is precisely where the thought of outsourcing comes into the picture, allowing you a feasible way of getting your feed organized. You need to be mindful of conveying precise requirements while hiring a Google Ads & Social Media Marketing agency so that they can function exactly how you want.

Maintaining brand voice can only be achievable when the hired company is aware of your approach and can picture the end goal. Carefully select a firm that has reliable services backed up by numerous testimonials that can give you an insight into their effectiveness. Outsourcing your marketing campaign can be turned beneficial when you can chalk out your requirements and be descriptive about the desired brand voice.

Maintain consistency

Providing quality content isn’t the only objective while catering to your audience, as you also need to be frequent with the updates. Remaining consistent with posts should be your priority as it will keep on engaging your audience on a regular basis. Design your posts such that they can collectively have a theme when present in your feed. A user should be attracted right after visiting your social media page and overall appearance will be a deciding factor in this.

Your pages will keep on gaining followers and engagement as you persistently post updates. Do your research to decide appropriate timings for your posts so that you can maximize your reach. Try to post content when your followers are the most active, thus enhancing the chances of making it appear in front of them.

Encourage your clients for endorsement

A highly satisfied client will be most likely to leave a positive review that can improve the credibility of your brand. Thus, don’t hesitate when it comes to asking them to share your brand on their personal accounts. This will provide you with a free means of promotion as people can rely on these testimonials and get interested in checking your account.

You should also share these positive reviews as your social media posts so that one can know that you are a reliable brand in the market. These genuine endorsements can effectively connect you with several new people who you can’t target otherwise.

Invest in reliable tools

Your social media marketing strategies can only be a hit when you have suitably invested in various tools. These might include dedicated software to track the progress as well as those for research purposes. Social media is a vast market and simply copying other’s methods might not always work out for you. Thus, be mindful of necessary tools that you need to equip yourself with in order to stand out from the competition.

While dealing with growth statistics, you need to possess advanced tools that can present that data in a readable manner. This way, you can derive solid conclusions that are not only data-driven but also accurate enough to let you figure out any necessary changes.


Improving social media presence might be tricky when you aren’t using locally optimized tools according to your targeted audience in Brisbane. However, suitable implementation of all the resources along with brainstorming hours can let you reach your potential buyers more effectively. You need to be updated with recent market trends along with looking into what has worked out for you previously. Keeping your competitors in focus can also be significantly useful when it comes to picking their best practices.