The whole landscape of the marketing industry has changed rapidly. Technology has taken over the marketing industry like never before. The viewers of Mass Media such as Television or Newspapers are declining; the number of mobile and internet users are increasing. It is important because when we talk about the survival of a business online digital marketing is the key to success. Search Engine optimization is one such part of digital marketing that can help boost the presence of your online business.

Promote quality content

Content is the ultimate king, if the content is not good then it will bring little or no value and is a recipe for disaster. One such example can be taken as of Windows Vista operating system. Vista was launched, hoping it will be a much better replacement for the aging but very popular XP. However, it failed to do so despite Vista being visually very appealing but it was excessively slow and there were many bugs. Microsoft did try to rectify the problem but the reputation was long lost. Vista is still one of the worst operating systems ever launched. Clever marketing gimmicks or well-packaged products may succeed temporarily. Exceptional content in terms of language and research quality, relevance, appeal, and timeliness, has no substitute. Content marketing is the ultimate result of creating quality branded editorial content distributed across all media channels and platforms. It also promises to deliver engaging relationships, customer value and success for brands. The key of success for a company depends only on two factors, one is either it provides/innovates an already established product or two if it successfully creates a need which the market or consumers are unaware of and making them realize it.

Search engine algorithms are looking for the best

Following the fundamental laws of demand and supply, search engine algorithms have become more consumer specific. Algorithms have been programmed to identify content that appeals to a broader public. Google itself has admitted that content is one of the most important search ranking factor out of three, the other two are links and Rankbrain. As Traffichub, an SEO company says, “A lot of content was written with the goal of scoring points with search engines. Many websites emerged that were really purposeless, other than providing an outlet for terribly written content”. This forced search engines to improve their algorithm to help to identify enriched content. One more reason algorithms are changing is, the rise in the number of smartphones. The use of the internet has shifted from computer centric to mobile-centric nowadays. No surprises here as it is projected that by the year 2020 smartphone users will account for 2.87 billion of the global population. Hence, it became crucial for search engine algorithms to learn to differentiate between well-designed and poorly optimized mobile websites.

Why Content Marketing is the key to success

The primary reason why content marketing is successful is that the customer appreciates it. A well-directed movie or a well-written content will get huge exposure to the public just by word of mouth publicity. A satisfied customer is the most valuable asset for a company or brand. Many tech companies evaluate their service by judging the number of promoters they get on a satisfaction survey done on customers. Content marketing is powerful because it can establish a brand as a trusted authority in the industry. It is not an easy or quick work; it takes a lot of time to establish a trusted presence but once it is done content marketing makes a huge impact.

Another reason why content marketing is important because it can help you understand your customer better. This is simply done by tracking which content is more successful. Companies who are heavily invested in content marketing use this insight to dig deeper into the consumer needs, improve user experience and so on.

Who needs content Marketing?

Anybody who has an online presence, and is looking forward to growing more needs it. Many product and companies use it for their benefit. If you are a business owner, look no further than your next-door competitor. Your competitor could be using content marketing as well. If you find out that your target audience is targeted with personalized Emails and messages then you have a lot of catching up to do. Content marketing is important for everybody to be it global or big companies with hundreds or multiple content marketers, producers and analysts sitting together, as well as to small and medium companies focusing mainly on local business. It is not just important but it is critical.


Every day the World Wide Web registers thousands of pieces of published content, all of which are professionally planned, edited, commissioned and measured to provide an effective way to reach new customers. This helps their client or brands to gain fantastic insights and sales along the way. The uncertainty about search engine algorithm is going to continue in the future. Various SEO experts and pundits will still try to beat the cat and mouse race. It is only the content marketing, which will ensure guaranteed success even with so much uncertainty. Content marketing provides meaningful insights into the industry and consumers. It will also help in building a good amount of trust between you and the client. Content marketing also helps in understanding the signs and symptoms of the search engine algorithm. Thus making a way for you to evaluate your content based on increased traffic, impressions, clicks, etc.

So please go ahead and create the best possible content out there, as it is only the content that is and will remain “The king”.